Age of Empires III Trial Review

By | September 7, 2005

I’ll begin with my poor pockets disclaimer. My computer used to be a gamer machine. That was three years ago. It still has a 2.4 p4 with 512 mb ddr ram. Not horrible, but appearantly, not entirely up to [tag]Microsoft[/tag]’s standards for the installer for this.

The Installer took forever. The progress bar was not visible, so I cancelled the first time thinking that it was froze up.

Once I got the game installed, what did I find? I found a fresh new take on the [tag]Age of Empires[/tag] game. My computer handled the game just fine and the graphics were pretty darn good on my [tag]64MB Gforce4[/tag]. [tag]AOE3[/tag] takes us to colony America, where in the trial we can play as either the British or the Spanish. In campaign mode, with only one campaign turned on, I find myself in the middle of the industrial revolution. Yep, thats right, the industrial revolution. My job was to build outposts and trading posts along the trade path for the future railroad construction.

The game also comes with a fairly open version of skirmish mode, which is fun just to learn the game a little. The addition of a Deck of cards that you earn new cards from each time you level is quite fun once you figure it out. This took me a while and I couldn’t figure it out. In case your wondering, I don’t read instructions very often.

So, I suppose your expecting [tag]ratings[/tag] of some sort.

Here you go:

Gameplay: The game plays pretty much the same as the previous games(which seems to have worked well before), but with the addition of the Deck of cards and a newer era to play in, I give the game an 9.

Graphics: I was somewhat limited in testing the graphics on this game as my card is a bit antiquated, but even with the older card I have, the graphics are quite good. I can only imagine what they must look like on something better. I give the graphics a genre based 8.

Overall: This game is the third in the series, so you can’t expect it to get too many points for originality, but it gets plenty of points for improving on a good thing, which I believe it did. FYI: I still get my butt kicked by the computer A.I. in this game, just like the rest. Overall, the game gets an 92. Definetely a must get, must play. Not that there were any questions about whether some of you die hard AOE players would or not.

Download the AO3 trial here.

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  1. Irrision

    Heck yeah! I just played through the first two campaigns. The sound effects are nice, I love how the musket fire becomes distant when you scroll away from a battle but is still audible. That and the sound of buildings collapsing when you shell them. Any word on a release date yet?

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