AMD surpasses Intel in Retail Chip Sales

By | November 8, 2005

In the month of October, AMD sold more PC processors than Intel in Retail stores.

AMD chips accounted for 49.8 percent of PCs sold in domestic stores for the month, compared with Intel’s 48.5 percent of the market

Obviously, The secondary market for chips is truly run by SuperGeeks. I say secondary market because these are the numbers for the Retail market. This does not include the direct sell numbers.

Intel also is still the market leader when factoring in overall PC sales in the U.S., including machines purchased through direct sellers. That top position is bolstered by Intel’s exclusive relationship with direct seller Dell, a top supplier of PCs.

These numbers could be significantly higher if not for said exclusive relationship with Dell. Once that relationship and others are included, AMD only holds a 17% share of the worldwide market.

AMD has long been searching for a foothold into the more mainstream chip market and wishes to hold a 30% share of the worldwide market. Advancing like they have in the retail market is a huge step forward for that, but there is still a long road ahead. Of course, if they were to send two or three to SuperGeekBlog for testing, that would help them out immensly. 😉


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