Apple’s next move?

By | September 24, 2005

Let me preface this with the following statement: The following post is purely speculation and should not be taken as a leak or any other form of actual known actions by Apple Computers. It is merely the musings of a SuperGeek

Given: Apple has a fair following, both of its Computer lines and most recently of its IPod(Nano) lines, some of it bordering on extremism. Apple’s fans have been compared to “lemmings“.

[tag]Apple[/tag] has gained a fair amount of success with their [tag]Mac[/tag](intosh) lines and a great amount of early success with their [tag]Ipod[/tag] line, so where do they go next.
Much of the focus at this point has been on their switching from PowerPC chips from IBM to Pentium chips from Intel. However I believe that the next big Apple step is in another direction.

It will be a big step, and if it isn’t done right a risky one, but I think that Apple will not only try it, but will pull it off. So, your probably asking what it is that I am talking about?

Well. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo lookout. Apple is coming to town. A game system is the next big thing for Apple. They already have the fan base to sell a fairly good amount of them on opening day. All they have to do is put out a quality product with a good game lineup. They could even throw in a PSP like portable gamer with built in Ipod functionality. A console could have a built in Ipod port and built in hard drives for nearly instant Media Center capabilities. Stamp a big little i on it and call it the [tag]iBase[/tag] or [tag]iStation[/tag](too much like [tag]playstation[/tag] I think).

Of course, this is just speculation. If it does happen however, remember where you heard it first. Right here on

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  1. Christian Koster

    Look, Apple is not entering the Console Game market. Of course they can afford to do it, but they’d lose a lot of money. The 360 and the PS3 are losing money on every console, we know this. Obviously Apple would have to go with a Revolution philosophy, but then why would anybody buy an Apple over the Rev? So then we look at if they did the Home Media center thing and then added a game console feature to it. Well, now we have a computer than can do all the Home media things and can play games. So it will cost as much (or more probably) as a PS3/360 and have the graphics capabilities of a Revolution (or probably less).

    And where are the games coming from it. We have seen that a 4th player in the console market never lasts, so somebody would need to go. Now it looks like that could be the 360 (crossing fingers) but if Apple joined the market the support for them would be abysmal. The only way Apple could have done it is if the Revolution tried to be the graphical monster that the PS3 is. Then, Apple could have taken the simple/innovative way (which would have been very convincing like we have seen with OSX and the iPod).

    One final paradox: Apple will not enter the console market because they would not succeed if they did. However, if they did enter the market they would succeed.

    (Meaning if Apple did enter the market it would be because Jobs saw the magical way to be successful in it, that mere mortals like us could never comprehend until he showed us the light.)

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