Beyond Skype? Wavigo Integrates Multi-Protocol IM, P2P VoIP, SMS, RSS and Media Playback

By | September 21, 2005

This review states pretty much what I thought of when I saw this program – good idea… but unpolished. Looks like a program I used back on win95.

Now I am a long time trillian user, but have also contacts on gtalk and skype now. (Hold a weekly meeting with partners using skype actually – quite effective and still free for now.)

However, Wavigo doesn’t seem to be the program to catch up to the look and features of trillian. Maybe there will be (or are and I haven’t found them) plugins for Trillian adding gtalk and skype functionality, who knows. The idea is to mesh as many of these services together as we can.

Take a look though and see if you agree with the review.

**Additional notes: I have now tested the program for a bit. Not impressed at all. For skype, it just launches skype and runs over it. The program look and feel is something out of win95. Not pleasing to the eye nor very handy from the testing I did. Overall – review is actually kinder than a full test would be.