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There has been quite a bit of discussion about Digg catching up to Slashdot. I think what people fail to see is that there are major differences in why people go to the other site. Some users no longer visit the Slashdot site-but it depends on what they are looking for.
Digg is my first stop these days… however I do still keep tabs on Slashdot. When there is a particularly interesting story on which I have something to say (whatever site it is on first) I come to Slashdot to at least read the comments and discussions and possibly leave a comment of my own.

Digg is for the fast community driven news while Slashdot is for the in depth intellectual discussion on the topic. Personally the faults of both systems bother me, so that is why I use both.

What do I mean by failures?
Stagnating format. Its innovation seems to have died out long ago. It is sometimes impossible to get a story to the front page for everyone to see. Then there are the dupes. With editors and strict regulation, duplicate stories should not happen.

Digg: Too much user control. Duplicate stories abound on a level not even comparable to Slashdot. The comments are a joke and there is rarely anything interesting in them other than the occasional link to a mirror or someone’s website. The “fanboy” syndrome on digg is just plain obnoxious. Whether it is a google, mac, linux, or windows fan, just saying the opposite “sucks” decreased the impression of your intelligence and has no point whatsoever. Get a life and grow up kids.

What has each done right then? Digg is vast and has been quite innovative. People can find news a whole lot quicker and be passed on to the original site with little fuss. Slashdot allows people to have full-fledged discussions on a topic and a variety of sub-topics. People will follow a stories discussion for days if needed to find out the viewpoints or make their own understood.

Here is the post I responded to on Slashdot, which echoed my thinking in most parts of it and, I think, quite a few of the mainstream site viewers.

Will the sites ever combine? No. I do however believe eventually they will drift to a more similar format. Every website has to change with its readership eventually.

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