EU and China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia Fight for Internet DNS Control

By | October 13, 2005

The European Union driven mainly be complaints of Chinda, Iran, and Saudi Arabia has been quoted as saying that the internet “may split” next month if the US cannot come to agreement on some kind of international board to control the current root DNS system.

The root DNS system is currently handled by a non-profit coporation called The Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) which operatates autonomously from the US government to handle root server DNS, domain assignments, and IP addressing.

Let me be the first to state that this is a bad idea and that although the EU says “The internet may be split” what they should say is “The regimes that want to prevent their political dissendents from using the web will disconnect from the internet because of it’s tendency to encourage users to promote a democratic republic.”

How will this affect English speaking members of the internet? It will probably have little to no affect on our day to day surfing as basically no sites of consequence our operated out of China, Iran or Saudi Arabia with their strict censorship and control over their media.

It would be economic suicide for any of these countries to disconnect from the internet and I’m quite sure their leaders are aware of this hence their grab for DNS control so they can censor their citizens speech online.

So basically what I’m saying here is for once I think the US Gov doing the right thing in refusing to hand over ICANN to some untested politically charged international board.

Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | EU says internet could fall apart

2 thoughts on “EU and China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia Fight for Internet DNS Control

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  2. Jake

    They talked about this on the latest Twit if I recall correctly. One of the guys had actually gone down to ICANN and talked to them about this. I can understand other countries getting worked up about the impression the US has too much control of the net… but jeesh… if it aint broke don’t freaking try and break it.

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