Fun weekend – good friends.

By | December 19, 2005

Well it was actually a pretty fun weekend. One of the few I have spent the whole weekend here in Fargo.

The whole crew from college came to town Friday night. Last time the whole group had been together since Mike and Megan’s wedding about 6 months ago… and before that… it had been a while. Yet, such is life when college is done. It takes a little longer for us all to get together, and there is always someone missing from the group of course. Yet we all got together for our friend Duncan’s bachelor party. (Well and in part going away party too. Wedding is in July out of state, but he is leaving ND fairly soon to go be with his fiancée.)

So Friday night Jennie went over there and had a pretty mellow (compared to the parties of yesteryear that we had), time… yet it was good. More of a hangout night and let everyone just having fun being together. Sat evening went out to dinner with the boys to Hooters then went to the Northern gentlemen’s club. It is kind of a tradition around here – the take the guy out for a night of drinking and appreciating the female form. Night was fun, darts, few drinks, and a good time with the crew. Our bachelor had a good time as well, which was the point of the evening. I did feel bad for Jennie pretty much spending Sat night alone, since she never heard from her other friend who was going to be passing through town. Yet it worked out I guess, since hanging out with the girls might not have been fun for her either. (Since most of them she doesn’t know real well and they don’t know her real well.) I think I made up for that on Sunday though.

Sunday was a good mellow relaxing day with Jennie. We had some good quality time. Since i was pretty calm with the beers the night before, didn’t have a hangover to worry about, so we ran a few errands, got some dinner, then went home and popped in Cinderella Man. A really good movie actually – though I might not be a fan of boxing – I can appreciate the social commentary and the artistic work of the film itself. It was also a really good story of what can be heroic to people. Not just winning, but a man down on his luck coming back fighting. That and I am a fan of Russell Crowe films. (Gladiator being the best, just found out in the previews of CM that there is a 3-disc extended edition out now!) Anywho, we both enjoyed the film. I know it is a really good film when Jennie and I both dig into one because naturally our tastes differ in films a bit.

So today I am attempting to be productive. I am not going to repeat my “I’m bored” rant here, if interested go to my MySpace blog post on it. In that effort, I am updating all 3 of the blogs I work on from time to time. This one, MySpace, and of course the main one; SuperGeekBlog. If the day stays quiet and Irrision gets the chance – I am hoping to finally port this over to a WordPress blog. The formatting of blogger just sucks.

That’s all for now. It is almost time for lunchbreak, and then it will be time to find something geeky to post on sgb.

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