Geek my ride

By | September 7, 2005

Forget that show on MTV “Pimp my Ride,” Geek my ride! This is becoming more prevelent as technology and automobiles blend together. Where it is going tends to be viewed as fluid. Mike over at TechDirt feels that laws might eventually be made against some of this technology since it can be a distraction while driving.

“In other words, you can put a butt-whuppin’ PC in your car with a touch-screen panel in the dashboard, Wi-Fi antenna, iTunes pumping music through speakers, Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, video games, e-mail and technology that can both keep your attention on the road and help you sue anyone who rear-ends you.” (USA Today)

We have all wanted something like that at one point or another. Newer vehicals are coming with plenty of goodies built in. How about the geek with a wife? I have it on good information that geeking ones ride does NOT (for some reason) fall in the household budget. So what can we do? First narrow down what you want to do. Why wire a whole machine into your trunk when all you really want to do is get a Sat radio setup? Wardriving rig – small case or laptop with gps unit which doesn’t have to be too tricked out.

The article on USA Today does mention a couple of books on this concept. I hope we see more articles angled towards home-built tech solutions for the car. However if Uncle Bill ever starts a reality show called “Geek my Ride,” I am calling dibbs now.