Google Base confirmed

By | October 26, 2005

It would seem that that sneak peek at Google Base that some of us got was the real thing. It also seems that all of us that were speculating that it could be some sort of Google Craigslist are possibly right.

There seems to be some speculation about Base’s use with the unnamed and unreleased yet confirmed Google payment system as a Google Ebay-like clone. Frankly, if Google decides to take on Ebay, that could truly be the straw that broke the Google backbone. I think that Eric Schmidt would have to be fairly out of his mind to try and take on Ebay. My reasoning is simple. Ebay is to online auctions as Microsoft is to Software. Neither is going to fall easily and it will cost more money than Google has to fell either.

Google has done quite well thus far with it’s seemingly unending stream of “piggyback” services that work alongside another software or are built into other software platforms. Why change a good thing?

I don’t mean to toot my own horn here or anything but take a close look at the time stamp on the SuperGeekBlog original post and then at the time stamp’s on these other “major news” sources. Seems we beat them to the punch. In fact they are almost all pulling off of a “AP” source. Perhaps, somebody in the “AP” pool reads SGB?

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