Google IM Coming Wednesday?

By | August 22, 2005

“Rafat details a tantalizing clue about the possible launch of a Google IM this wednesday in this this NYT story.” check comments for more.

Question is: Do we need another IM app? Will it be better than what is currently avail? I am normally a trillian user, but the main reason for that is half my college friends were using one service and other another service. Speculation as we have seen is already running rampant. We can probably guess it will not be “trillian like.” However what exactly it is… we will have to patiently wait and see.

Any thoughts folks?

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3 thoughts on “Google IM Coming Wednesday?

  1. thatedeguy

    If they expect any success with it at all, it will need to be trillian like. Even with googles almost cult-like user base, there are way too many using the other IM clients to ignore them too.

  2. thatedeguy

    They build windows applications, so why not. If it interfaces with MSM then they can convert all their users to google IM and they can still talk to their friends.


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