Google? Yahoo? Why choose.

By | September 29, 2005

Tired of the Google, Yahoo “I have more sites indexed” battle? Or simply use both to compare listing ranks? Well do I have a treat for you…

It’s a site called Gahoo!Yoogle.

As you can probably tell by the name ( and you will figure it out by the logo for sure) its a site that combines the searching power of Google and Yahoo. Enter in your search words or phrase and Gahoo!Yoogle shows the results in a vertically split window. One side for Google and the other for Yahoo. Now you only have to go to one site for comparing the placement of your favorite search.

If you’re like me at all, you’ll spend nearly an hour doing searches on random keywords and sites just comparing the results.

While Gahoo!Yoogle doesn’t answer the “who’s better” question, It solves the which engine to use problem just fine.

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