Hummer Laptops

By | September 3, 2005

Itronix, a maker semi-rugged computers will announce on Sept. 6th 2005 their newest VR-1 series of laptops. Plans include a Hummer branded laptop. The laptops are currently shown to have a 1.86Ghz Centrino Pentium M processor with 40GB removable hard drive. You can add up to four integrated radios for Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and WANs(GPRS/EDGE or CDMA 1xEV-DO).
Pricing is expected to start at $3,329, and the first will ship in November.

Hummer Laptop by Itronix

While they are not listed yet, the Itronix Hummer VR-1 semi-rugged Laptop will be listed at when they become available.
Previews of the Hummer Laptop can be seen at