Intel, Microsoft go with HD DVD

By | September 28, 2005

Intel and Microsoft came off of the fence yesterday by announcing that they were going to be backing the HD DVD format instead of sony’s Blu-Ray.

For some reason, I was under the impression that Microsoft had already endorsed the HD DVD format as it is reportedly the format that the Xbox 360 uses.

A spokesman stated that they hope that their jumping on the HD DVD bandwagon will “tip” the scale in HD DVD’s direction.

Besides Sony, Dell and HP, Blu-ray allies include Apple Computer, Electronic Arts, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sun Microsystems, Twentieth Century Fox, Vivendi Universal and Walt Disney.

HD DVD backers include HBO, NEC, New Line Cinema Paramount Home Entertainment, Sanyo, Toshiba, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video.

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One thought on “Intel, Microsoft go with HD DVD

  1. Irrision

    Well actually from what I’ve read Microsoft was going to go with regular dual layer DVDs for the Xbox 360. I’m not entirely sure why Microsoft is announcing this is last I heard the 360 was coming on this fall so the design is most definitely finalized and already scaling up in factories for christmas. I’m fairly certain however that they didn’t change the format from regular DVDs as there were a couple articles talking with game designers that were bemoaning the fact that they would have to release larger games like RPGs on 2 or more discs, in some cases 4+ because Microsoft didn’t go with HD-DVD or BluRay. I guess well know in a month or anyways though.

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