Is Yahoo! the new Google?

By | December 12, 2005

There has been much talk lately about the far reaching arms of Google. While we have all been focused on Google, an online old-timer is sneaking up on us. Yahoo! is coming everyone.

With it’s recent purchases of sites and services like DialPad, Flickr, WhereonEarth, and Pair that with it’s recent deals with companies like Gawker and Six Apart. Then take into account Yahoo!’s recent revamping and additions to it’s services list and you have the recipe for taking a bite out of Google’s bloated market share and share price. While we loudly hear the lauding of Google by bloggers like Battelle, very rarely do we hear much about Yahoo!.

Aside from a few short posts on TechCrunch(Happy 6 months!) and some news blurbs, news from Yahoo! is short lived and receives little fanfare, nor will it anytime soon. The buzz and industry infatuation for Yahoo! has dwindled with the emergence of new(in comparison) industry giant Google. Yahoo seems poised to change all that though. Keep an eye out for the seasoned veteran to make a comeback. Yahoo! just might be the next Google…

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