killin time…

By | December 30, 2005

Well I am compiling here at work and setting up 2003 server on a laptop (wow that sucks… trust me), so I figured I would write up a post here.

With the work on the laptop I haven’t gotten as much done here on this site as I was hoping, but maybe in the next week I will manage.  I am still awaiting the domain transfer – should be going through anytime now.  Once it does, we can expect some downtime while I reset the name servers and such.

Jennie and I are heading to Jamestown tonight – hopefully the weather doesnt suck too bad, cause I really want to get back to there.  Friday night we are having official geek night again.  Irrision, ThatEdeGuy, and I are going to work on forming a SGBPodcast – so should be interesting and fun.  That being followed by a geek business meeting.  (Someday I will expand on that one folks, just haven’t wanted to let too much out on that one yet.)

Sat – have another meeting in the morning, but then it is New Years Eve – so could get interesting in the afternoon as other people start to go crazy.  I belive we are planning to do something with the Ede’s, and then of course go out for a little bit for new years.

Well I am going to keep working on setting up this server.

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