Microsoft Live Messenger 8.0 invites on Ebay

By | December 22, 2005

Been hankering to try out Live Messenger 8.0? (jake?) Well, unless your especially lucky enough to work for Uncle Bill, chances are you probably didn’t get an invite to the beta. Well, fret no more. Appearantly, there are quite a few people who want to profit from the situation. And what better place to do so than on Ebay!

The search is on.

As of right now, there are 65 hits on that search. Some are even for more than one invite. I have to wonder how legal it all is, but maybe worth the try. The average going price for completed auctions seems to be in the $10 to $20 range. Not sure if it really is worth all that, but if you’ve got the money to spend…

PC Broke the story here.

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Live Messenger 8.0 invites on Ebay

  1. Jake

    Well it is a limited beta at the moment. It was released to a limited group on December 14th. Invites are just now starting to become available to internal Microsoft peeps themselves.

    I have 8.0 installed, my invite should be showing up sometime today, I just need to link my email to my .NET account so I can use the 8.0 beta version.

  2. Jake

    Yes irrision – i did finally get my invite. I think so many people signed up internally (and with the holidays) that it got backed up a bit.

    Sorry adonius, but there really aren’t any invites to give out.

  3. Jake

    Also – please don’t spam every MS related post with invite requests people. I am sorry, but:

    a) We don’t have any invites, beta access, etc. I personally can get access to many beta programs which i do refer to here at SGB, but I do NOT get codes to give out. Nor does any editor here.

    b) Comment spamming annoys the hell out of us and will get you banned before anything else.

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