Microsoft, MTV get the URGE

By | December 14, 2005

Software giant Microsoft and Music Mogul MTV have teamed up to create the URGE music service. A combination of subscription based “stations” and pay-per-download songs, URGE should immediately have the clout to compete with the likes of Real Player and iTunes. While it may take awhile, URGE should compete quite well with iTunes. And speaking as one of the non-converted(I don’t own an iPod), it would be nice to be able to use a service that isn’t associated with iPods. URGE is set to launch sometime in 2006 and pricing should be announced next month.

Of course this should remind everyone of the old days when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were consistently at each others throat. Now we just have to see if we get a gMusic from Google anytime soon.

Original Story: MTV, Microsoft band together for music service

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