Microsoft SNARF Debuts

By | December 2, 2005

Social this, social that. These days, it seems like everyone is putting out some sort of tech tool with the word social attached to it. Doesn’t seem to matter whether it has anything to do with being social or society. It is officially the buzzword of Web 2.0.

Microsoft released a Experimental tool called SNARF. Can you guess what the ‘S’ Stands for? Here’s the official MS description:

SNARF, the Social Network and Relationship Finder, [is] a complement to e-mail programs such as Outlook, [and] filters and sorts e-mail based on the type of message and the user’s history with an e-mail correspondent. The result: a collection of alternative views of your e-mail that can help you make sense of the deluge.

The upside to this is that it does appear to be truly a Social tool. It takes into account how often you communicate with a given contact and gives that contact a higher priority and socially sorts the new email.

The downside? Ken at Corante Web Hub pointed it out pretty clearly:

SNARF like ClearContext is only available for Microsoft products. I wish someone would release something for Mozilla Thunderbird.

Pretty big downside in this day and age. Of course it is still experimental, but the likelyhood of MS releasing SNARF as a plugin for Thunderbird are about as good as Linus going to work for MS. In truth, if it truly works the way it is supposed to and can avoid most of the common problems with MS software, it could be the tool that makes Outlook a desirable e-mail tool again.

Wanna Give it a try? Download it here.

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