Microsoft, Yahoo join IM forces

By | October 12, 2005

Microsoft and Yahoo are set to announce sometime today the connecting of their IM networks. This will give the ability for the MSN Messenger and the Yahoo Messenger users to see and talk to one another free of charge.

Facing the growing threat of Trillian, Skype and to some extent GoogleTalk, Microsoft and Yahoo will combine for 44% of the IM market.

The numbers here show that Microsoft and Yahoo will command nearly 44% of the market, with AIM having nearly 56%. This doesn’t leave much for the “threats”, and Trillian is probably the most threatening, simply because it does connect to all the networks. So, if the the big three have nearly 100% of the market with the competitors having < = 1% why would the big three be worried enough to care? Microsoft is also reported to be in talks with Time Warner(Parent Company to AOL), and a deal to open the network between MSN Messenger and AIM has been rumored. However, nothing for sure has been leaked just yet. The dark side grows stronger... SuperGeekBlog Prediction: Microsoft, Yahoo, and AIM join forces and connect to each others networks, leaving Google out in the middle of nowhere. Related: Microsoft, Yahoo to Link IM Networks

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