Let the Battle Begin!

By | September 26, 2005

A battle for your web dollars is beginning to shape up even more between Microsoft and Google.

See those nice little “Ads by Google…” ads on the right hand side of this page? Well, if Uncle Bill Gates gets his way, they may read “Ads by MSN…” soon. Microsoft was scheduled to announce thier very own content ads that would be available through their MSN service today. Appearantly, aside from being content based, MSN ads would also be focused a little further. Reportedly the plans are to also allow the advertisers to focus on Sex, Age and Location.

Harkens back to my days on IRC when every other chatter was asking ASL.

For example, men searching for “roses” might see ads for florists’ Web sites, while women may see gardening-supply store ads.

While they plan on using selling these ads for use on mostly the MSN search and other MSN related sites to begin with, one can only assume that they would ideally like to see them on every other site just like Google Adsense ads are.

While I have no problem with MSN search ads like the Google Adsense ads, we do have a problem with them selling ads to be inserted into their products. At least in any obtrusive method of delivery.

Microsoft plans to try offering some of its software products in free versions that will display advertising sold by the new system, Mr. Mehdi said. He declined to say which products would be offered, but said they were likely to include games and other consumer products. The company will also sell ads that may appear on video games played on the Xbox game console and perhaps on its software that runs on cellphones and television sets.

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