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By | December 27, 2005

Ok – so the testing and interesting developments will continue… the domain will take a few days to transfer, and then I will have to set the dns to this site.

I do have a new template going here that I am gonna tweak and tweak till I like it… so please excuse the mess! One issue I have discovered is that when I imported everything from the blogger format… everything got imported to the default Olo-news catagory. I am going to try at some point to go back and correct that, but no idea when. I will also be working on adding static pages to the site, bringing online as much of my old website as possible. (Poety, amusing contect, and with luck the photogalaries as well.)

It is going to be a lot of on and off work, but once it comes all together… it will be something I am very proud of and something that hopefully people will enjoy viewing, reading, and returning to. (Though that requires more regular updates… though I am trying to get better at that.)

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