Nintendo’s New Gameboy Micro

By | September 13, 2005

At just 4x2x0.68, the [tag]Gameboy Micro[/tag] is about the size of the original [tag]famicon[/tag]/[tag]NES[/tag] controllers. It’s amazing to look back at that and visually see how far we have come in terms of technology advances. What was top of the line barely 20 years ago is now considered an antique and would get laughed out of business if it were released now.

The Micro is scheduled for release in the states next monday, September 19th 2005. At a retail price of only $100 USD, it is way below the price of competitor Sony’s PSP. While it will not get the fame of the PSP, it should get enough of the customers to pressure the price of the PSP a little lower.

Audio and Video files can be played through an adapter. The micro has a 2 inch color screen can play Gameboy Advance games or the new Micro games that figure to retail for about $35.

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