No Longer Safe for Work: Blogs

By | October 24, 2005

Christopher Null over on Wired wrote a bit on how blogs are becoming “no longer safe for work.”
Apparently many places have security filters set up to block access to — among other things — any website that contains the phrase “blog” in the URL.
After reading the article, the guy is right, if I were manager of a large company, I would be more worried about productivity than people leaking information.

Check it out and let us know what you think. (Yes before you ask this was posted while I was at work.)

4 thoughts on “No Longer Safe for Work: Blogs

  1. Irrision

    In the US we work (or at least spend more of our workday doing actual work) more than any other 1st world country in the world. We have workweeks that are 4-6 hours longer on average, we work more overtime, and we work more holidays. I wouldn’t care about my employees surfing the web while working so long as they get whatever I assigned them done in a resonable amount of time. The US is the only country where we don’t except that socialization and diverision are part of a normal workday.

    The best part about this is that we still do it, we just have to hide it from our employers when we’re slacking off. And we wonder why people are dying from heart disease and strokes (Conditions which are aggravated due to stress).

    Basically what I’m saying is I think it’s crap when companies act like by restricting non offensive material on the web they are somehow increasing employee productivity. They aren’t we all know how much time we spend doing nothing/pretending to be working while at work.

    Look at companies like google that are wildly successful while allowing their employees freedom of time and by not restricting what they can do. Sure there is a certain subset of any group that won’t work if they are supervised but lets just say that most of them work at a place with a fryer. So yeah, there is nothing tying specifically internet use to lower work productivity it’s just what people do to decompress during the workday and stay at their best.

  2. Jake

    Valid point… I suppose when I typed it up I had meant I could see how a manager would be more worried about it than say something pornographic.

    Good points though irrision, hense why I am blogging from work. I am waiting for more cases to come in, so finding something to do with my time.

  3. SaltMinor

    Not only do I read your blogs while at work, I (1) used the time to brainstorm my own domain name (2) registered at (3) transferred my domain to the host server (thanks Brady) and (4) tweaked my template code – all before I went for lunch.

    It all depends on the job and your responsibilities. It would NOT be a good idea, for example, to allow air traffic controllers to surf the internet, nor pilots, nor anyone operating any sort of machinery.

  4. Thatedeguy

    Much like SaltMinor, I registered my domain, set up the host, tweaked the template and do most of my content and reading from work.

    I spend nearly 8 hours a day behind a desk with a computer and have somewhat frequent down time, so It hasn’t posed a problem yet.

    Of course, I’m getting a little addicted to it now so If I ever get busy, I could have problems.

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