Open Office 2.0 Stable Release?

By | October 19, 2005

So the buzz is going around the ether like crazy. Sometime in the near recent past, the stable release of Open Office 2.0.0 seems to have appeared on the mirrors. One would think that this will directly precede the release of Open Office 2.0.0 on the Open Office website. As of this post, there is no such luck. However, feel free to download it from any of their mirrors. We did.

StarOffice CompanionI’ve personally been quoted as saying that the second that 2.0.0 is released as a stable version that I would stop using MS Office, and I think that after taking a close look at OOo 2.0 I will hold to that. I took just a quick look after I downloaded it and it is hard to find a feature that isn’t included. Or at least one that you normally use.

Here’s a few links to the 2.0 mirror sites:

Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

And a torrent too.

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One thought on “Open Office 2.0 Stable Release?

  1. Irrision

    SMoJ! I’m ripping this off their servers like it’s going outta style! Holy smokes I can’t wait to check this out, I’ve been using OO since this spring without a problem. It really is much nicer than Office and just about as stable.

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