Proposing – using up a years worth of creativity

By | September 27, 2005

Well if you have ever decided to propose… its a nerve wracking process. Deciding to do it wasn’t as hard as I always thought it would be.

It was the trying to keep from getting found out before it happend that was the worst part. Fortunatly I had my fiancée’s friends in on it too – so her best friend would warn me when she started thinking something was up (or throw her off track herself!)

So how did the big day progress? Well one thing we have learned from history is no battle plan survives the first clash with the enemy. Engagements turned out to be the same.

I started the day by confirming everything with my friends in Jamestown. It was a go. I then called her mom right after lunch break to ask for her blessing. This way there was no way Jennie and her mom would be talking without me being there to monitor the conversation. I somehow managed to get everything in the car we were taking without her finding out. (This shindig was happening back in Jamestown.) After a seemingly very long dinner, my buddy Shane and I left on the pretext of picking up some computer equipment at another buddys house. (Both are the other two Editors of SGB btw.) Jennie did call her mom on the way from Fargo to Jamestown, but God was smiling and the signal was dropped after less than a minute… so Jennie would just have to call back after dinner… oh darn 😉

Well I had spent the week using my old editorial software making notes to send my girlfriend on a scavenger hunt around Jamestown. Shane and I left the first clue with his wife at the house and proceeded to drop off clue #2. Clue #3 he would be holding at a lovely location on campus, so we proceeded to the location of clue #4: The Gladstone Inn, and my location.

This is where the plan went a little funky. You see, I had thought I had planned for everything. Shane was at the hotel with me calming me down and helping make sure everything was ready. (Shane and his wife had checked in for me earlier in the day, dropped off the dozen rozes, as well as the wine glasses.) We call his wife (who was traveling around with my girlfriend for support and to make sure the logistics were working out) to let her know to give her the first clue. To find out that she had given it right when we left! They were already at location #3!!!

Shane takes off in my car to get up there to drop off the note at Wilson Memorial(location #3). So I sit waiting in the hotel room for the next twenty minutes wondering what is taking them so long. Not only had I not anticipated they might start the scavenger hunt early – but that there would be a note already there directing them to the chapel! No note I had covered my having Shane hold it… but them getting there early with a different note waiting… nope not in the battle plan! (just goes to show you can’t cover everything I guess.)

So my girlfriend finally gets to the room after picking up clue #4 at the front desk (and the room key that went along with it.) I tell her simply (well i was shaking a little… gimme that folks) that we have done impossible things before so there was no reason we couldn’t in the future. She was shocked for a few seconds… but then said yes. Which is when I said… good your mother will kill me if you don’t call her right now by the way.

The rest is well known in Jamestown. We meet Shane and his wife downstairs and proceeded out on the town to let everyone know. (As a result of this plan I did miss the Battlestar Galactica season finale… so if anyone knows when the re-run is… please post!)

Saturday we Sat down and picked the date and general location. September 23rd, 2006. Exactly one year from engagement and happens to be a Saturday.. My logic is it will help me remember the dates and stuff… though my father says I will find out it doesn’t make a difference with us men.

Other than that we really haven’t done much in the way of planning. The wedding party we pretty much knew who we would want off the tops of our heads, so I guess that part is basically figured out. Feel free to drop off tips or ideas here folks! More later – Jake (olorinpc)

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