Quick List of Good NerdCasts out there

By | September 10, 2005

I just wanted to provide some links to some excellent NerdCasts (Videocasts if you will) that are available free on the web. Who needs TV anyways? These are all pretty much commercial free (Most have none at all or just a shameless plug).

Hak5Nerdy infotech stuff, they go into home brewing tech in one ep for ex.
Command-NGeneral Technology news and reviews from Canada.. eh?
SystmShow focuses on single technology topic/how-to per episode.
DiggnationVideo version of weekly Digg.com podcast.
Digital LifeProduced by TechTV with Patrick Norton as host.
NerdTVBrand new show hosted by Cringley of PBS.com colum fame.
TheBrokenNot recently updated tough and cheek hacking show.
Red vs. Blue and The StrangerhoodOkay not nerdcasts per say but free and hilarious entertainment by the guys at Roosterteeth.

Anything to add guys?

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  1. Administrator

    I was thinking videocasts and although TWiT has a videocast coming out for the most recent episode they don’t have anything prior to link to videowise.

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