Sept. 13th, 2005 Mario officially turns 20 years old!

By | September 13, 2005

Are you REALLY that old? The original Jumpman, Nintendo’s cash cow and most recognized video game character today turns 20 years old. Where were you when you first played Super Mario Bros? How fast can you run through the first game? Remember the minus world? Link goes to wikipedia quotes from Mario-related stuffs.

Wow… I am that old. Yet – hey mario rocks and oddly enough still does? I’ve noticed recently that we tend to still like the old games. A couple of friends of my girlfriend and I came across an old NES this past week. We (well mostly dominated by our girlfriends) spent the entire weekend playing Dr. Mario. What is it about these old school games that keep us sucked in and addicted? Even after all of these years?

I for one can attest a desire to play once again the original Zelda came.

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