Slow week for SGB

By | December 18, 2005

Well if it isn’t already apparent… it’s been a slow couple of weeks for SGB. I’d imagine we can use the hectic nature of this time of year as an excuse. I plan to get back into the habit of regular postings to SGB as well as some new developments in the way of unique content for our readers (I know you guys are out there somewhere).

While I work on some of above mentioned content why don’t you guys checkout a couple of things I’ve found useful/cool as of late.
TightVNC (Another free VNC remote desktop application similar to openVNC)
MythTV (Setup your own free PVR using an old computer and a tuner card)
Portable CE 2.0 (The man over at Furry Goat gets a nice Windows CE virtual machine running off a USB thumbdrive. I did this on mine at it works great!)

I’d also like to remind everyone to checkout Digital Life TV every Tuesday and Thursday for a good free tech videocast. I also highly recomment “Security Now” and “In the Trenches” podcasts for those of you who aren’t doing anything at work (You know who you are you slackers.. ;). Stream them if you don’t have an mp3 player you won’t be disappointed. Maybe someday I can con Jake and Shane into helping me do an SGB podcast. In the meantime enjoy these shows and dream about how much better and SGB podcast would be (Just Kidding of course…).

That about wraps it for now keep checking back!

5 thoughts on “Slow week for SGB

  1. Administrator

    It’s funny that you mention a podcast… Jake and I were just talking about that about 2 weeks ago, then a whole bunch of stuff came up and it got put on the back burner. Maybe we should begin talking about it a little more seriously now…

  2. Irrision

    I’m all for it if you guys are game. I think we just need to collect some basic mics for us all to use and work out the details of recording/editing and content.

  3. Irrision

    You mean a real mic? Like not that one built into your laptop right? How about you shane? I’m going to hunt down some cheapo mics so I’ll prob just get a couple if anyone needs one.

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