Stainless Steel Mini Hard Drives

By | November 9, 2005

Neat, but incorrect article:

November 9, 2005 “One swallow does not a summer make” according to Aristotle, but we’re a little bolder than the ancient Greek philosopher and we know a trend when we see one even if it’s in its absolute infancy. Check out the latest Monstor Drives from US Modular – portable storage has been awaiting an ultra cool form factor and this combination between Zippo cool, 120GB capacity and palm-sized chromium objet d’art which is substantial enough so you won’t lose it is absolutely ideal and we’re predicting it will become a must-have for sleek geeks during 2006.

Wow these things look sweet. I really wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one to test out here at SGB. The look is nice and the size is right, yet the gizmag article quoted above is wrong. 120 gigs? Try 2GB, 4GB and 6GB high-capacity, high-performance. That is at least according to the product specifications on the US Modular website. While I suppose it is possible that a 120gig model does exist… it sure doesn’t look that way now. That aside this looks like a very impressive product.

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