Sun/Google Webcast part 2

By | October 4, 2005

So Andy gave Eric a Solaris Server and a copy of StarOffice.

How does a Lava “Java” lamp represent the Sun/Google partnership?

Reporter: “Tell us about the new Operating system your developing.”
Eric: “We are in the end-user Search business.”

This has been Google’s standard answer for this question for months and months. Why anyone bothers with asking it, I don’t know.

Reporter: Open office on the web?
Board: Avoidance, Avoidance, Avoidance.

Basically, the board members did everything they could to completely redirect this question and not answer it.

Reporter: Collaborating with Sun to expand Open Office.
Eric: We have agreed to help expand the use of Open Office, but haven’t set a way for that yet.

Very vague answer, but I think it alludes back to the complete avoidance of the Web based Open Office question earlier. Something is happening here, and they know that we have some idea, but they aren’t going to admit it or give us any details just yet.

“The network is the computer” has been mentioned several times in this webcast. Pre-curser to the Network as an Operating System perhaps?

OOHHH! Jonathan just dropped the Ajax keyword.

Scott: “Windows is the largest of the last client-server applications […] That’s so last millenium […] the network is the computer.”

Scott seemed to sum up the entire webcast with this little speech at the end of the webcast. Then entire Q+A segment of the cast, they all tried to avoid any direct answers in regards to Microsoft directly. Here Scott came out and strikes at Microsoft’s bread and butter. Again with the “Network is the Computer” bit also. Definetely an allusion to something boiling in the Sun/Google partnership, but what?

Ok, I think we all have the same idea here. An online OS. The first step of course is the Online Open Office, which while they never said it would/is happening, the usage of words like Ajax and JRE about every other sentence, would sure lead me to believe that it’s on the horizon.

If you didn’t listen to the webcast, you didn’t really miss a whole lot. The gist of it was that Sun and Google were announcing the strategic partnership of their two companies. Anything beyond that, they left as hazy as possible.

Eric even said at one point that they wanted to leave a little “surprise element” for later.

Look for the Sun/Google alliance to make a few announcements very soon.

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  1. Irrision

    Soo I didn’t catch a link to the actual webcast anywhere but here’s a link to it for those who missed it anyways:

    Oh yeah, and it’s just been announced that Google is going to make available and online version of OpenOffice…. so much for an operating system anyways, Sun could definitely use the boost they’re really dropping behind as a tech company these days.

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