The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security

By | October 6, 2005

I have seen this a time or two now, but it makes some very good points. The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security. Now done with college and working for a software company – these ideas become even more important than they were on my home network or in college.

Points #1 and #2 are the things that have always bothered me the most. (#1) Default Permit and #2) Enumerating Badness) The default settings have admittedly gotten better, but there is still room for improvement. However – the authors comments on virus protection are really interesting and make a critical point. Since there are far less “good programs” to run, why not list those and ignore anything that hasn’t been added to that list?

Take a look and share your thoughts with us. I have emailed the author to see if he has any additional thoughts or comments to share with us here at SGB.