Trade your old CD’s for an iPod

By | December 29, 2005

A place called Millennium Music has one heck of a deal for you. They’ll trade you an iPod for your old CD’s. They even have a scale that will tell you how many CD’s you have to send them and which iPod you will get in return.
Millennium Music Trade Scale
Sounds like a deal. Frankly, with iTunes, I can download most of the music I want to my brand spanking new iPod. What’s that you say? There’s a catch? NO!? Can’t be!

Yep, as with anything that sounds good anymore, there’s a catch. Take a look at the fine print. The CD’s that you send have to be in good physical condition. Not a problem you say? Ok. The CD’s also have to match in their “quality of title” database. So no sending in your old Whitney Houston CD’s. No Cher either. All you have is Metallica? Well try the next caveat on for size. The CD’s have to be complete with their jewel cases and original liner notes. I don’t know about you, but most of the people that I know who have over 80 CD’s have thrown these away years ago.

There really is no free meal anymore is there? If your lucky enough to have quality CD’s with their jewel cases and liner notes and they’re not scratched up, you gots yourself a brand spanking new iPod. If not, well… you gots yourself a whole lot of CD’s. Still.

Original story broken by Infinite Loop(best as we can tell) with follow ups and other posts at LifeHacker, Gizmodo, and ForeverGeek.

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