USB Thumb Drive – Sandisc Cruzr Micro 512mb

By | November 30, 2005

I just picked up a SD Cruzr Micro 512Mb thumbdrive today. Got a good deal on it at Radioshack. They have them for $29.99 in-store after instant $10 rebate that isn’t always advertised on the tag. They’re definately handy as hell, the first thing I did was copy Portable Firefox to it (Jeez what else do you want to always have with you, no more using IE on other peoples machines). I also stumbled upon a couple of things worth checking out. I’m fond of the Windows CE virtual personal OS hack put together on this page. I also found a handy and short directory of thumb drive apps on this blog (Where I found the Windows CE Virtual Machine link). Another favorite is trillian everywhere for using Trillian off a thumb drive. So many new software toys and projects… so little time.