Video Ipod? Hell No!

By | October 7, 2005

If I see one more article speculating on Apple’s next announcement being a video iPod I’m going to scream. The media speculated that the nano and the rockr announcements were going to be announcements for a video iPod. I remember speculation that Apple’s x86 platform switch announcement was going to be a video iPod. I’d like to be the first one to say “Who the hell cares!”. Apple may dominate the top level mp3 player arena with a 60% profit margin to boot, but knowing Apple we will have no clue that they’re planning to announce a video iPod. They won’t even say they’re going to make an announcement, they will keep it extremely hush hush. The only reason we knew about these previous annoucements ahead of time was because Apple chooses to leak them.

I’m going to be the first to say that the technology isn’t the conservative point and high profit margin arena that Apple plays in to make a video iPod. They may have a prototype (According to supposed inside sources) but that doesn’t mean they have any intention of manufacturing it anytime soon. Think about it… they just released a replacement for the mini in the $200-250 price point and the regular 20/40GB iPods are in the $280-400 area along with color screen picture iPods. Where is apple going to place the video iPod? It would have to be $500+ to fit into their current pricing structure.

Another point of note, Apple never releases a new iPod version until they’ve squeezed the life out of the old one. I know for a fact that this Christmas is going to show probably the biggest sales to date for the current models as the prices have dropped into “gift affordable” categories for many more consumers than last year. No… my prediction if anything is that Apple will wait until next year to pull a video iPod out of their hat at the earliest, and they might wait even longer to allow the free videocast area to explode which will increase the value of a video iPod 10 fold. That and most importantly they won’t produce one without paid content on iTunes. I’m not talking about music videos, but TV shows and movies which I think they probably won’t be able to get a profitable deal cut with filmmakers quite yet either considering their extreme avoidance of online distribution in general.

So there’s my prediction…. NO VIDEO IPOD in 05!

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  2. Irrision

    Yeah so… I was wrong… I’ll have one within the month though if I have my way. šŸ˜‰

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