Vonage Releasing Wi-Fi Phone

By | December 13, 2005

Vonage is set to announce the release of it’s F1000 Wi-Fi handset. This will give the ability of users with the F1000 to use their Vonage service anywhere they can connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot. The one downside is that it will be unusable at any hotspot that is a paid hotspot. If you live in Philly or San Fran though, this could be one hell of a deal. The premium service with unlimited time is only $24.99 a month through Vonage. Again a downside is that you wouldn’t be able to use it outside of the municipal area once you lose Wi-Fi signal, but how often do you leave town? And how much do you pay for your Cell phone service? I pay $49.99 for mine and it isn’t even unlimited.

UTstarcom F1000 Wi-Fi handset

The F1000 is expected to sell for nearly $80 after rebates.

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