Whax Whoppix What?

By | November 7, 2005

I don’t know if anyone has heard of whoppix (Obviously a play on knoppix for those who are familiar with it). It’s a live linux distro full of handy security scanning and penetration testing utilities. It was recently renamed to Whax as they switched to using the Slax (Slackware Live) source for the new version.

What is a live linux distro you ask? Well it’s an image you burn to a cd that you can boot off of that will load a functional copy of linux without touching or erasing your (usually) windows install. Live distros are extremely handy for all sorts of tasks. Whax is great for wardriving and security testing with your laptop when you just can’t bring yourself to erase linux. Plus it comes with all of the utilities you could ever want preinstalled.

I’m fond of Knoppix (Another Live Linux Distro) as I just used it to recover data off of the drives I had in an old unbootable linux box I had. But I think the best application for Live Linux Distros is so people who want to try Linux and see what it’s all about can download a disc image, burn it to a cd, pop it in their drive and reboot. If you haven’t tried linux yet I’d recommend you download a copy of Ubuntu Live and check it out. For those of you with a slow web connection you can also request free cds of Ubuntu on the site.

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