Wi-Max dies before it begins

By | November 7, 2005

The wireless protocols that are currently know as Wi-Fi(802.11a/b/g) can most certainly expect to find their way to the trash when Wi-Max and 802.11n show up next year, but both may end up leaving with Wi-Fi.

Techworld.com is reporting on a Sarasota, Florida startup that has developed a new protocol that they are calling xMax wireless. xMax boasts extremely low power consuption with claims of wireless networks that could “run for years on watch batteries.”

During a recent press demo, a xMax station using 50mW and an omnidirectional antenna sent a “3.7Mbit/s data signal to a radius of 18 miles across the suburbs of Miami. […] WiMax would require 90 base stations to cover the same area.”

Sounds promising. As with any new tech like this, there are a few caveats. xMax runs on the 900Mhz band. You’ll remember that this was the very popular cordless phone band used about 5 years ago. This makes the band a very busy band with plenty of potential for interference. Expect them to have a small bit of convincing to talk the FCC into allowing them to add wireless bulk to that band. On a bright note, the modulation that is used in partnership with specially designed antennas and systems allows for the xMax system to filter out anything on the band that doesn’t use the same modulation.

We’re in discussion with channel partners, to make a shrinkwrapped package that would allow anyone to set up as a wireless ISP,” said Mooers.

Could be fun…

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