Windows Live Beta… Ripoff of Google Homepage?

By | November 4, 2005

I was looking at Windows Live beta today and found it looks and operates strikingly similar to Google homepage. More ironically it has a note at the top saying
“Firefox Users: Firefox support is coming soon. Please be patient :-)”

It appears that Microsoft is now ripping off Google. I find this particularily ironic in light of statements Bill Gates made during an interview with Computing Magazine.

‘Which Google products are you talking about? Seriously? Other than search, which are you talking about? Google Talk? Wow. A total “me too” product. Even Gmail – what is the unique thing?’ he says.

Smooth move Gates… Talk about how Google is ripping you off then promptly release a ripoff of something Google released months ago. I’m not really sure how Gmail is a ripoff of anything MS has made… I mean even on the highest setting the spam filter on hotmail is hardpressed to remove even basic spam… and don’t get me started on all the ads and clutter. Anyways checkout Windows Live then signup for Google homepage. Microsoft needs more competition as it’s rather apparent they’re gettting arogant and lazy in their old age with statements like that.

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One thought on “Windows Live Beta… Ripoff of Google Homepage?

  1. Jake

    I won’t say that Window’s live does not look like in some areas a straight rip of google homepage. However, I can say, that after having seen the whole demo of Windows Live- there is a lot more to it that MS has been working on apparently for a while. It does have some pretty impressive stuff that google homepage does not offer. (Though maybe there is a yet at the end of that statement.)

    What is good is Microsoft is being forced to not only attempt to innovate, but not just sit on what innovations they do have.

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