Windows OneCare Live – First impressions

By | December 2, 2005

So I installed Windows OneCare Live this morning at work. The install was pretty quick and painless, so no real problems there. gives a good walk-through to get a feel for how the program works. The basic idea of this is for people who do not know a lot about computers to be able to better protect their machines.

The only thing right off the bat that I don’t like is the “Purchase now” button. I don’t like the prospect of having to purchase this in the future since the implication has been that this would be free. (This changes depending on where you look.) If it were free – I could see installing it on many of the PC’s I work on for people.

I do however like the Virus Scanning and Computer “Tune-Up” that give a less experienced user the ability to have their computer defrag itself, clear temp files, and check for missing updates. I am wondering however, why the Window’s Anti-Spyware, which is also a beta product, is not brought under the umbrella OneCare could provide? Some spyware (as we all know) can be just as bad as a virus.

So over all the first impression of this new product is good. I would caution anyone from using it exclusively though. As Kiltak from Geeks are Sexy pointed out, it is not an active virus protection.

Once again, the lack of integration with Windows Anti-Spyware is of concern to me. That being said I think this program has great potential. If it moves to a fully subscription basis, it will be a good idea for the masses, but not for anyone who can manage to download spybot and AVG, install them, and remember to run them. I.E. OneCare is the lazy mans delight-so it could be nice.

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