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By | November 19, 2006

The Amber Wizard: The Osserian Saga: Book One (The Osserian Saga) I know one thing I am always looking is a new book to read. I recently just finished a book by a new author that I hadn’t seen before. The Amber Wizard by David Forbes was a book that just caught my eye.

I was down in Miami for work, sitting in the airport. I was getting tickets changed around, so was wandering around… bored. (Happens in an airport lol.) Anyways, decide to go into the small Borders down there, went to the fantasy section, and decided to look for a book. Not sure what originally drew me to this book, but upon reading the back cover, it just grabbed my attention.

Sometimes that happens though. Not sure what you are looking for, just looking for something to kill the time. I am happy to say, when I read the back cover, this book became more than that for me.

For a thousand years, there have been no great wizards in the world — and even longer since a wizard-king reigned.

Now all must welcome and fear the coming of

The Amber Wizard

As Gerin Atreyano takes his place as the Crown Prince of Khedesh after his father ascends to the throne, a stranger appears and proclaims that Gerin may be the amber wizard foretold long ago. Now young Gerin’s training, both as prince and wizard, must begin in earnest. But his enemies place a secret enchantment upon him, pulling him down a path of darkness.

As opposing forces mass across the land, arming for bloody war, he inadvertently opens an ancient portal using forbidden magic. And suddenly Gerin Atreyano faces a dual destiny as savior or destroyer of a world in chaos — as he prepares for the dread reemergence of humanity’s most powerful enemy: Asankaru, the vengeful and terrible Storm King.

Ok, the hook is good enough for me, so I picked up the book and bought it. Now on this particular trip, I ended up having plenty of time to read. I ended up getting stuck in the Chicago airport for a good 8 hours. So between the two flights and the layover, I had a lot of time to really get into this book. What tells me that this was a truelly excellent read is that once i got home, I picked it up that next evening and made sure to finish it. That is the hallmark of a good book.

If one reads through the random reviews on Amazon.com, you will kind of find mixed feelings about the book. Why is that? Some feel that the main charachter, Gerin, is a bit too perfect and that everyone forgives his mistakes too easily. I would venture this is an oversimplification of what does happen during this book. What is missed is that Gerin doesn’t forgive himself that easily and does consider the implications of what he is doing.

His siblings are equally as interesting. They help offset the main character and make him more believable as a person. Things never get fully developed, but it is also the first story in a saga. It shows excellent potential. It is one that should be enjoyable for many people. Grab a copy and check it out!

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