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By | March 15, 2006

So I got a little behind on my things to ponder. I am of the opinion it is because I was thinking too much. Irrision and ThatEdeGuy thought it was because I wasn’t thinking enough… so the super long ponder-post today is all their fault.

IM programs. That is something for us to ponder. That and Social networking sites like MySpace. How useful are they?

I think I shall ponder MySpace first. I do make use of it myself, and I have networked with a few old friends I have lost touch with. Also – I have found that my old group of friends from college (I affectionately term it as “The Crew”) have been somewhat keeping tabs on each other. This is through either blogs on the site or the private message board. However, the sheer amount of crap that accumulates on those kind of sites (once again I use MySpace since that is where most of my experience is) is really freaking annoying.

We run into spam postings; lame freaking kiddies that shouldn’t even be allowed on the internet, and people who think having a high number of friends on a profile is somehow significant to anyone. So while I have found I have “locked down” a few options, making them friends only, I have discovered that I still do enjoy visiting the site because the useful parts have been outweighing the bad parts.

IM programs. I still haven’t found the perfect “Universal” one. Trillian I used for a long time. I still do in fact for the AIM and Yahoo networks. Why do I bother still having those accounts? Well I do still have a couple of friends on each of those networks, with whom I do have regular conversations, who aren’t on any other network. MSN is my primary network. Between the majority of my friends and all of my work contacts, MSN is 98% of all of my main IM usage. I have switched to the regular client (well now Messenger Live Beta 8.0) because some of those additional features and whatnot are fun when just goofing around.

To ponder which is more useful and meaningful in a day to day experience though – IM far outweighs the Social Networking site. I would rather have a direct conversation with someone, even if it is just a couple of lines, than trade comment posts. (However trading notes in MySpace is one way to bypass work IM blocking. Since it isn’t IM, and it is much slower, the usefulness is highly limited.)

Well that is all there is to ponder today.

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