Ahhh Nap Wednesday

By | March 8, 2006

Well the downside is I have to cover the Sat shift (10am-2pm), but it did mean I didn’t have to come in till 1pm today.  Heh, so it was a rather nice and lazy day.   I did a little work around the house, but mostly got to catch up on some sleep.

So – what is the thing to ponder today?  Well gadgets is the topic today.  For us geeks, will there ever be enough gadgets?  The answer may surprise you – it is yes there is such a thing as having too many.  That being said, there are never too many that one needs to test.  Like my old iPAQ that I sold on eBay.  I bought it, found I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would, so resold it.

Or this new Origami device coming out.  Will it be the coolest thing since sliced bread?  Something that will be as hard to get me to put down as my cell phone?  Who knows, I thought the iPAQ would be.  However, I suspect the Origami will be pretty darn cool. It’s larger size and storage – will probably cover the reasons I found myself not using my iPAQ.  Will I be allowed to purchase one?  Who knows if Jennie will let me, but if it is in the $500 range like Brady predicted, the chances are higher.

So I think when it comes to gadgets for geeks, it is more about the opprotunity to test them out than it is really about owning them.  (Well the really cool ones that end up in the high use catagory one must own…)  That is all for todays thought.

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