Ahhh the holiday season

By | November 19, 2006

Actually having a decent amount of vacation time means I get some additional time off during the holidays this year. 

Jennie and I are heading down to the cities for Thanksgiving.  I am taking an extra day and a half off so we can spend more time down in the cities visiting people.  Wednesday will be fun – I will be visiting Brady and the PC shop he works at down there.  (Right in Richfield, amusingly about 4 miles from Jennie’s moms place… can’t get closer than that.)

Last year we were in town for only a little over 24 hours, so the change to 5 days down there, will be really nice.  Christmas break will really rock this year too – to use up the last of my vacation time, I am taking the 4 days after Christmas off… so between my vacation days, Christmas day, and New Years day, which all roll together… I pretty much get a nice chunk of time off.  Not that I don’t like my job, like it quite well actually, but having dedicated time off is always nice too.

That week after Christmas I should be able to catch up on some reading, a little World of Warcraft, and at the end of the week (Friday Evening) we have Maggie and JD’s wedding.  Right after that being New Years of course.

So all in all – I think the holidays are going to be a lot of fun this year.  It will be the most time I have been in the cities getting to visit people for a long time, top that with friends getting married, it will be a very good time.

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