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By | April 10, 2006

Well – for those who have been wondering… yes I am still alive.  I am now on my second week at VCSU for the Eagle Creek training.  The lab we are working in does not have outside access… so I have been a little cut off from the outside world there.  (By the time I get home, I check my email sometime in the evening, maybe an IM or two, and call it good.)

All that aside though – things are going pretty well here.  Jennie and I are finally starting to get things settled in for the most part.  Training seems to be going well, I am enjoying learning what I have so far… despite being a hyper condenced course.  Keeps the noodle working and thats good.  Oh and wedding plans seem to be on track.  I am assuming that once the five week training part is done – it will be a little easier to get ahold of me.  (Therefore there will be a little more time in the evening to attempt to blog.)

Hope all is well with everyone else!

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