Apple Stock closes at Ironic $80.86

By | January 11, 2006

On the same day that Apple announced it’s new Intel based line of computers Apple’s stock closed at a price that many of the SuperGeek faction may recognize. After active trading and no “fixing” by stock market officials, the share price stood at $80.86 at close.

The Intel x86 revolution in chip making all began with the 8086 chip in 1978. Daniel Terdiman at Cnet’s Apple Blog had this to say:

Now, it’s pretty unlikely that Wall Street was able to manipulate Apple’s share price, given the thousands upon thousands of people who no doubt bought and sold the stock Tuesday. But it’s little coincidences like this that make technies and geeks sit up and take notice. Or at least I and the friend who pointed this out to me did.

Sometimes the planets align and something strange like this happens. Odd. Coincedental. Omen of the demise of AMD? Microsoft? at&t? Doubt it, but fun nevertheless.

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One thought on “Apple Stock closes at Ironic $80.86

  1. Irrision

    And so the new race begins with Apple entering the x86 arena followed by a lot of zealots and fanboys. Things could get pretty ugly for Dell and HP/Compaq over the next couple of years and I’m looking forward to it!

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