Bachelor Party and a Birthday!

By | August 25, 2006

Well – it is going to be a fuuuun weekend!  We are having my bachelor party tomorrow in Fargo.  Why Fargo you might ask?  Well there are two reasons for that… first being that there are more forms and places of entertainment available there.  Second, and the larger reason I think, is that Jennie and I decided to have both of our parties on the same night and in different places.  That way everyone can have their fun and not have to worry about running into the other person.

So the guys will be taking me outa town tomorrow to have some fun.  Looking forward to hanging out with all of the guys no matter what we end up doing, so it will be fun no matter what.

Then on Monday (the 28th) I have my birthday.  While I am sure that will not entail anything like Sat night, birthdays are fun anyways… so it will be a fun couple of days there.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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