Back to work, new location, same stuff!

By | August 14, 2006

I did eventually get my internet access working, once I figured out the issue. The cable guy, when he was leaving mentioned it looked like the incoming phone line was cut in the basement… sure enough when I looked, it was.

Safe to say, it explained why my Qwest DSL wasn’t live. When Daktel had come in to install their equipment, they had rewired all of the phone jacks, removing the Qwest line totally from the loop. After two hours I ended up just rewiring it myself. Daktel, was less than helpful. The line “People in Jamestown have a choice, if you want them they have to come out and hook you up” was less than cordial. “Do you get a better deal from them or something,” and smirking when I said yes, was plainly antagonistic. Qwest, since the line was cut inside of the house, views that as the home owners responsibility, so would have charged $99 to come and fix it. (I see their point.)

It was quite clear that Daktel should have never cut the Qwest line coming in, there simply was no reason for it, even if the previous tenants were using Daktel. So what I ended up doing was running up to Radio Shack, picking up the 4 pack of telephone line splicers for $3, cutting a 4″ pice of Cat5, and using a pair of lines in that to make a patch. Golly gee, once I had… the DSL suddenly started working.

Basement lines cut Basement lines
As you can see by the pictures, it really wasn’t that difficult to do. (Having done a bit of work with networking cable before made it easier, but really even if I hadn’t it wasn’t that bad since I had wire cutters and wire strippers.) It was really the principle of the matter that I shouldn’t of had to fix something that shouldn’t have ever been done in the first place.

As far as the rest of the weeekend went… well my friends rock… that is all I have to say about the whole moving process… oh and I love Fisher’s truck, but figured he would want it back.

Well things have been pretty busy with the new job and all, though that is a really good thing, since the job is going very well and everyone is happy to have me working with them. (I work with some great people, true I work out of home, but we keep in contact via IM or email quite often)

Anywho – for the move, we had a couple of trucks, Kev, Joe, Shane, Ann, and Colin… the moving part sucked, but it isn’t ever fun, so despite that must say that it went really well. Now it is the process of going through everything, but that is working. It was very muggy out, so it kind of sucked for everyone, but with all the great help, we really got most of it done in a pretty good amount of time.

I am happy with the way my office setup is working out, even better than I had it in the basement of the old place. (The old conferance table I got from Joe one time is perfect for my desk, I have fit both monitors and the laptop on it, so works perfectly for me 😉 all 3 computers running at once. (Yes geeky!)

Thats about all for now – hope everyone is doin fine!

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One thought on “Back to work, new location, same stuff!

  1. Ian

    Heh. (Re)doing your own home wiring is always a fun experience… even more fun when you’re in a duplex and don’t want to cut the wrong line…

    … hey, how hard is it to learn the stuff you’re doing for work? I know a handful of people who’re looking for something new to do…


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