Bill Clinton, Microsoft Employee?

By | January 6, 2006

Andy Abramson is reporting that Bill Clinton (Yes. That Bill Clinton) has made several trips to Redmond. Why you may ask? To visit with Microsoft about a position.
Andy Says:

Here’s what I know. Sources near Microsoft headquarters report that over the past few months the ex cigar smoking prexy has made trips to Microsoft headquarters and has been interviewing for the top slot as the company looks at ways to transform themselves for the future. Given the global implications of technology, having a leader that is an ex country president would be massive.

Of course this is the rumor of all rumors. Bigger than the Opera Rumor, Google OS rumor, Google PC rumor, and just about any other rumor that comes to mind. Frankly I would be surprised if Steve Ballmer would step down or that Bill Gates would replace him. Mostly I think that Andy has made up a pretty good story in hopes of gaining a few extra links on what has been a pretty slow week. Mostly, I think he probably has accomplished this. With CES going on, it’s all gadgets and press shows. No really good meaty news.

Of course, Andy’s sources might be better sources than I think and MS will introduce their new president.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you our new President, Bill Clinton”…

Would be interesting.

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One thought on “Bill Clinton, Microsoft Employee?

  1. Irrision

    You never know it would be a true Coup d’etat to hire on Bill Clinton at this point as CEO. Gates isn’t really interested in operating the company so much as being the creative genius that works behind the curtains.

    Microsoft would be wise to hide Balmer in a dark closet with sound padding as every time he opens his (rather loud) mouth he tends to make a fool of himself.

    I would applaud MS if they took such a bold step to liven up a stagnating corporation.

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