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By | June 29, 2006

This week, we will take a look at one of my friend’s blogs.  Not only his he a friend, but I also believe he has some very good posts.  He tends to comment on things that we can all have an opinion on.

Today I am looking at his post “No more raises for Congress.”  The article he is referring to has the premise of not giving raises to congressional members till they raise the minimum wage.

All the more reason to vote all those silly bastards out of office.  Raising the minimum wage will only make a bunch of higher paid people who still cannot pay for gas.  Not only that, but raising the minimum wage would in effect raise the price of most every other consumable.  Someone, somewhere has to make that item.  They get paid minimum wage.  Add $1 an hour to the minimum wage and you add $1 to the bottom line of the company for that item.  They pass that on to you!

Bingo – Ede hit’s it right on the nail here.  Business’s exist to make money.  They sell stuff.  (Whether that stuff is goods or services doesn’t really matter.)  If it costs more to produce, it will cost more when sold.  The idea of a higher bottom line is great, but once again it looks like congress trying to sell the people something that just sounds good, but doesn’t actually do us any good at all.

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