BookPool Discount Computer Books

By | March 8, 2006

A big SuperGeek thanks to AtariBoy for pointing this out.

While the prices seem similar to Amazon, there is selection galore for computer books.  Even 8 different subcategories for A.I.!  Check out Bookpool here.  They’ve even got a sale on 46% off Microsoft press books right now.

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2 thoughts on “BookPool Discount Computer Books

  1. Ed Kohler

    I’m a big fan of for computer books. They generally have good discounts and things are often shipped media mail, which saves some $. Of course, media mail sucks if you’re itching for a book to arrive.

  2. Irrision

    Yeah, I nearly freaked out when Ebay bought half and said they were going to shut them down. Thankfully they got smart and decided to keep half open. Amazon marketplace is fairly good too. I’ve even found some really really cheap computer hardware on there. (I got a 120gb drive still 3 months in warranty for $35).

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